A reporter is a person who finds out facts about a story and then writes the story for the newspaper and also investigates and reports or edits news stories. They also are a type of journalist who researches and presents information in certain types of mass media. Reporters gather their information in a variety of ways, including tips, press releases, and witnessing events. They perform research through interviews, public records, and other sources. The information-gathering part of the job is sometimes called “reporting” as distinct from the production part of the job, such as writing articles.



Reporters generally split their time between working in a newsroom and going out to witness events or interview people. Most reporters working for major news media outlets are assigned an area to focus on called a beat or patch. They are encouraged to cultivate sources to improve their information gathering.

            On 23rd February 2008, I was followed one of the reporter from main newspaper, likes Utusan Malaysia, Raja Syahrir Raja Abu Baker, 29, to cover the event at Kula Lumpur Central. The event is Defense Day with Customer. He is a new reporter from General Desk in Defense’s Section. Before this, he is a News Reader at ASTRO. He likes the writing causes he change his work.

            He got this assignment at night one day before this event from editor. He said normally they know any events or news regarding the defense from BERNAMA because the Ministry of Defense send fax to inform any information regarding the defense.

            From my observation, I had known how the reporter to find the news. When he comes at event, he finds the sources to get any information about the event. He interviewed the Vice President in Information Technology’s Part, Madam Rosmah Rosli to get information. It means he found the source among the high authority to get information about the event. He also asked in short question and speak clearly when he asked the interviewee. Besides, he look at the surrounding to finds the others sources to gain the information. He interviewed the customer in the event to know what they fell and the opinion about the event.

            After he got the complete in formations, the came back to the newsroom to write the news regarding the event. He also is a one reporter to write the feature in the defense’s section, so the deadline of the news not the same day. Actually, he must finish the assignment on Friday and at least on Monday because the feature is publishing on Wednesday.

            Works as a reporter have a big challenges and however the reporter must be strong in their woks to make be perfects.