NILAI – Chances are everywhere but depends on the person’s luck. Many USIM’s students do the part time job as initiative to solve their financial problems.           

        According to Shakirah Sallehuddin, 23, who do the part time job as an assistant at cyber cafe Kolej Kediaman NIlam Court. She takes the job in order to get extra money for her study.           

         “I do the part time job to solve my financial difficulties. It is because my education loan (PTPTN) is not enough because I used it to pay the laptop I’ve bought,” she said, who started her works earlier this semester.            

        She added that she does have any other financial source except her PTPTN loan and try to be independent to solve it.           

        Asked how she manages her time, she said, “I try to concentrate in the class and I have to make sure that I do the homework first before I go to work and usually make revision if I am not busy.”           

        However, it is quite a different case for Nor Hasanah Kamarudin, 21, she said, she takes the part time job not because her financial problems but because she loves it.“I do the part time job because it is my hobby and to fulfill my free time, and to gain experiences in business of catering,” she said, who works at food’s stall.           

        She added that her works start at seven o’clock until night, but if she has lectures, she attends it first and continues her part time job after that.           

        “Part time jobs among students are not wrong but depend on themselves to manage their times between studies and works. If they are able to manage their time, there should be no problem,” said Mohd Izamuddin Mustapha, 40, who is a manager at cyber café when asked his opinion regarding the part time among students.           

        According to Nasir Yaakob, 48, is a manager in food’s stall and restaurant, said, “many benefits for students who works part time because apart from getting extra money, they can also interact very closely with other students from other faculties.”

        “When asked his opinion regarding the part time job among students, he said there should be no problem, but student should give priorities to their studies first before they take the part time job,” he said again.